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We work with a growing number of businesses across a range of industry sectors to provide them with our short-term business vehicle rental services. Renting a car or van on a short-term lease can help you avoid the risks associated with vehicle ownership or long-term leasing contracts. And as a result, increase the ROI of your fleet.


Our short-term lease gives you flexibility.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, our short-term lease gives you access to a range of premium, luxury and specialist vehicles which you can hire on a month by month basis - at a better rate than with flexible daily rental. When you have employees on a probationary period or temporary staff, short-term lease can help increase the ROI of your fleet by avoiding idle cars in your fleet. At the end of an employee’s contract, you can simply hand the car back without worrying about being tied into a 3-year lease agreement.

Short term lease is a much more cost-effective solution for you if:

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You're managing short-term contracts
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You have seasonal trading patterns
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You have employees on probationary periods
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You are a start up business
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You want to change cars more regularly than leasing allows
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You don’t want to hold the risk of depreciation
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We've got you covered

With any of our long-term rental cars you don’t have to worry about anything. You can be assured that all of our cars are maintained to the highest manufacturer standards and comply with BVRLA standards. Every car comes with 24-hour roadside assistance cover to give you complete peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, you won’t be left stranded.


Sound good?


Frequently asked questions

Short term lease is useful when you’re:
  • Waiting for a new vehicle to arrive.
  • Providing staff with a company car during probationary periods.
  • Topping up fleet based on seasonal requirements
  • Wanting a specific vehicle without committing to a minimum 12-month lease

Simply choose from a number of categories from our core rental fleet, and our Central Reservations team will confirm what is available for you. If you’re taking a short term lease contract you are able to choose a specific vehicle, which will be guaranteed for at least the minimum period you sign up for.

Our monthly short term lease rates are based on a 1000 mile allowance per month. If you do more than 1000 miles per month that’s not a problem – you can increase the monthly allowance in 500 mile increments up to 3000 miles per month, for an additional cost.

When you make an enquiry we’ll always ask you about your mileage requirements so we can quote you an accurate cost.

For short term lease you can hire a vehicle for just one month. The only requirement is that you select the length of your hire in monthly periods. We can’t refund unused periods if you return the vehicle early, so we always suggest that you begin with the minimum time you think you’ll need because you can always extend.

If you are taking a vehicle on a short term lease, your rate is based on that period so to retain that rate you need to commit to the period on which it is based. You can still had the vehicle back early but we can’t refund for the unused period.

Servicing and maintenance are included in your daily rate. We work to the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide. We don’t cover any insurance related items though.  There is documentation in every car to guide you through this process.


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