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Vehicles and their use

Can I choose a specific vehicle?

Yes, just select which model you’re interested in and we will get in touch to confirm which vehicles are available. There will normally be a choice of colours and we may have alternative specifications or engines available, depending on the vehicle. The vehicle you choose is then guaranteed for at least the minimum term in your agreement.

How many miles can I do?

You can select a monthly mileage allowance of between 1000 and 3000 miles per month, in 500 mile increments. Your quote will show the monthly cost for the mileage allowance selected. If you go above your mileage allowance and excess mileage charge will apply. When you make an enquiry we’ll always ask you about your mileage requirements so we can give you an accurate cost and avoid any excess mileage charges.

What’s the minimum hire period

All of our short term lease vehicles are available for a minimum of just one month. If you need a vehicle for less than a month, you can find a daily rental car here.

Can I extend my short term lease agreement?

Yes, you can just keep extending the hire if needed unless we request the vehicle be returned. The maximum period you can have on the same agreement is 3 months – if you need a vehicle for longer than that, that’s fine, you’ll just need to sign up to a new agreement. When a vehicle has been requested for return you can choose to have another vehicle delivered to replace your current vehicle. We may not be able to guarantee a specific vehicle beyond the minimum period you sign up for, but we will always try to accommodate your preferences.

If you do not wish to keep the vehicle you must return it to an AMT branch on the day the agreement ends. You can also request that we collect the vehicle, for an additional charge.

Can I return the vehicle early?

Once you have had the vehicle for at least the minimum period in your agreement you can return the vehicle to us at any time. If you are still within the minimum period, you can return the vehicle to us but we can’t refund any unused days as your rate is based upon the minimum period you choose.

Do you offer delivery and collection?

Yes, we can deliver and collect anywhere in the UK for an additional charge. Alternatively, you can visit one of our branches to pick up and return your vehicle.

Am I able to take the vehicle abroad?

If you wish to travel outside of the UK mainland, you’ll need to let us know when you book the hire so that we can arrange a travel abroad document called a VE103. We ask that you allow at least two working days prior to overseas travel so that we can make sure you receive the relevant documentation to avoid any delays at border posts. There will be additional charges to take the vehicle abroad.

Some of our vehicles may not travel outside of the UK mainland so please tell us when you book your hire if you wish to travel overseas; we may not be able to authorise overseas travel if you request it after your hire has already begun.

If we authorise overseas travel, you may only travel to the following countries:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Getting a vehicle

How long does it take to organise and how does it work?

From enquiry to receiving your vehicle, it will normally take around a week, depending on availability of the vehicle you request.

You’ll be asked to complete an application form, which will be submitted for underwriting. While we do not undertake a formal credit check, we do complete some identity and eligibility checks.

If your application is approved, we’ll confirm everything with you and ask you to send two forms of identification along with a copy of your photocard licence. When this is received, we’ll raise and send you your service agreement. This will be your contract with us and will clearly show you your:

  • Minimum hire period
  • Selected vehicle type
  • Hire start and end date
  • Monthly fee
  • Selected monthly mileage allowance
  • Deposit amount
  • Terms and conditions

If you’re happy with the contract, simply sign it and send it back to the email address supplied and we’ll arrange the vehicle for you.

Do you offer delivery and collection?

We can provide delivery and collection of your vehicle to anywhere on the UK mainland. An additional charge applies for this service.

Do you offer out of hours delivery and collection?

We do, but there is an additional charge for any part of the hire that needs out of hours delivery or collection. We’ll confirm this with you when you enquire.

What should I do if I need to change or cancel my hire?

We know plans can change sometimes, so if you need to make any changes to your hire just contact us by phone on 0800 009 6938 (Mon-Fri 0800-1800, Sat 0800-1200) or by email at

Where you cancel any booking before the start date you will not be charged in respect of that booking unless:

a) the vehicle was subject to special terms agreed between you and us which involved us incurring costs in relation to the vehicle before the start date in which case you will be liable for those costs; or

b) we were en route to deliver the vehicle – this would be classed as an aborted delivery and a charge applies.

What identification will be required?

Upon handover, each driver will need to show us two forms of identification, in addition to their driving licence.

The following ID requirements apply:

  • If the driver does not have a UK licence, one form of ID must be a passport
  • All forms of ID must be the original document, unless an electronic statement/bill is used
  • One form of ID must be the driver’s signature and one the address of the driver
  • All ID must be current, statements/bills must be dated within the last 3 months
  • Electronic statements/bills are acceptable only if the other form of ID is a passport or national identity card
  • The name, address, picture and signature on all forms of ID including driving licence must match

Will I need to show my driving licence?

Yes, we’ll need to see the original driving licence of each driver named on the hire when the vehicle is handed over. We cannot accept copies of driving licences.

Since the 8th June 2015, the Government no longer produce the paper counterpart of the driving licence and therefore this can’t be accepted as a record of your driving history.

If you have a UK driving licence, we will also need to conduct a DVLA check, so please make sure you have a valid DVLA check code from before your hire.

Without this information we won’t be able to validate your licence and therefore will be unable to hire.

Costs and charges

How do I pay for my vehicles?

For short term lease customers, before the start of the hire we need one month’s rental and the deposit amount stated on your service agreement paid in advance. Vehicles can’t be released until funds are cleared into our account.

Your further monthly payments, and any additional charges will then be taken by direct debit each month until you return the vehicle to us.

Please note, your initial payment must be made by Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer. We do not accept American Express.

For any payment method used, the account name must match the name on your agreement.

Do I need to leave a deposit and when is it refunded?

Yes, a deposit will be required when you sign an agreement with us and it’ll be taken with the monthly rental at the start of the hire period. Deposits will vary depending on the vehicle selected and will be displayed on the agreement. The full deposit will be refunded at the end of the hire providing the vehicle is returned without any additional damage, the fuel level matches that at the start and there are no other outstanding charges.

Do I need to pay for fuel?

Yes, you must pay for the fuel you use. Vehicles are supplied with a minimum ¼ tank and ideally should be returned at the same level. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than at the start of the hire there will be a charge for the fuel used. This is charged at the Fleet News national average fuel price on the return date plus an administration charge of 50 percent of the cost of the additional fuel. We can’t refund any unused fuel.

Are there termination charges if I return the vehicle early?

Yes, if you return the vehicle before the minimum period on your agreement has elapsed. You will be charged any remaining payments due up to the expiry of the minimum period. If you return the vehicle after the minimum period has expired, there are no termination charges and you will be refunded any unused days you have paid for, using the pro rata daily rate shown on your agreement.

Are there any additional costs?

Until you return the vehicle to us, we will continue to charge the monthly payment shown on your agreement.

Once you return the vehicle, there are no additional charges unless the vehicle is returned damaged, late, with lower fuel than at the hire start or you have exceeded the mileage allowance.

You will also be charged if you incur any fines during the hire, such as a fixed penalty notice or parking charge, or if you breach the terms of the rental agreement.

Do you have any cleaning charges?

If on return, the vehicle is in unacceptable condition, yes. This would apply to additional internal blemishes or marks or if you’ve been carrying pets. As a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), we adhere fully to their fair, wear and tear guidelines regarding any damage. For a copy of the guide please contact our reservations team.

What are the excess mileage charges?

Only if the vehicle is returned in an unacceptable condition. This would apply the vehicle has been smoked in, has carried pets or is excessively dirty or stained. As a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), we adhere fully to their Fair Wear and Tear guidelines regarding any damage. For a copy of the guide, please contact our reservations team.

I am travelling to London, what is your policy on the congestion charges?

It is your responsibility to pay for any vehicle movement, into, out of or within the CCZ up to and including the final day of hire. Where we receive a congestion charge notice, we will need to charge an administrative fee.

Insurance and maintenance

Who insures the vehicle(s)?

You can arrange your own fully comprehensive insurance or you can request that we insure the vehicle for you for an additional cost.

If you request to insure the vehicle yourself, it’ll be your responsibility to insure the vehicle from the moment you take it until the time it is returned to us or, collected by us. You must insure to its full value against loss or damage (including windscreen damage) by accident, fire or theft with a reputable insurance company. When you’ve signed and returned the agreement, we’ll give you the vehicle registration so you can get an insurance certificate that will need to be produced before the vehicle handover. You must make your insurance company aware that the vehicle is owned by AMT.

If you need us to insure it for you, the vehicle will be insured by AMT for the duration of the hire. Each driver named will need to meet our eligibility criteria and ID requirements. Only those drivers named on the rental agreement are insured or authorised to drive the vehicle.

Is there an excess on the vehicle insurance?

If you insure the vehicle yourself, you’ll need to check with your insurance provider for any excess amount or restrictions that have been applied to your policy.

If AMT insure the vehicle, the insurance excess if displayed on your agreement. For some drivers (such as young drivers, or those with certain licence endorsements), an additional excess is applicable, which will be confirmed once we have checked your eligibility to hire.

Is maintenance included?

Regular maintenance items, such as servicing and worn tyres are included in your rate. Items requiring replacement or repair due to driver abuse or damage are not included and would be charged for.

What do I do in the event of an accident?

If you’re in an accident in one of our vehicles you need to get the details of the other party and call us straight away. There is documentation in every car to guide you through our process if you are involved in an accident.

What do I do if I break down?

24hr Breakdown assistance is included for every hire. If you require breakdown assistance, the contact number for the service is 01782 203171. It is also displayed on your rental agreement and on the vehicle’s key tag.


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