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A company car can be a valuable perk and choosing one can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately the potential tax implications are not so much fun and choosing the wrong car can prove to be an expensive mistake. So be in the know - use our BIK tax calculator as a guide to see how much tax you will pay on the vehicle of your choice.

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Example calculated BIK tax costs for your chosen vehicle:

BIK results are based on the standard P11D value of the vehicle and OEM reported C02 emissions data. Any additional specification that increases the value of the vehicle and/or alters the C02 emissions will not be accounted for in the BIK calculator. Please speak to one of our leasing experts for more information.

Emissions band
C - 118 g/km
P11d price
Tax year
BIK rate
Monthly tax payable
Annual tax payable
Emissions band C - 118 g/km
P11d price £1,097,28
Tax year 2018/2019 2019/2020 2020/2021
BIK rate 26% 29% 30%
Monthly tax payable £59.50 £66.36 £68.65
Annual tax payable £713.96 £796.34 £823.30

Understanding how BIK tax is calculated

Benefit-in-kind is a tax you pay on any perks you receive from your company, in addition to your salary as part of your remuneration package. How much company-car tax you’ll pay depends on a number of factors; the cost of the car (P11D value), your salary and the car’s CO2 emissions. While your salary is likely to be fixed when you choose your company car, you can choose a car with a lower P11D value and low Co2 emissions in order to reduce the amount you’ll pay in BIK tax.

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Working it all out

To work our the BIK value of a company car, you multiple the car’s P11D price (list price including optional extras, VAT and delivery charges, less the first-year registration fee and annual road tax) by the percentage BIK band the car sits in. The BIK bank is determined by the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. The actual figure you’ll pay is this number multipled by your income tax band of 20% or 40%. 

To allow for easy comparison of vehicles by BIK rate, save yourself a headache and use our BIK rate calculator.

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