Vehicle tracking

As vehicle theft is ever-present and thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated and finding ways to bypass vehicle security systems, vehicle tracking devices (trackers) can be a valuable option to give you some piece of mind and security when you take out a lease with AMT.

What is a vehicle tracker?

A vehicle tracker is a tracking device that’s fitted to your car and it works to reduce the risk of vehicle theft. A vehicle tracker monitors your vehicle location at all times, so if you’re vehicle is unfortunately stolen, its GPS technology can pinpoint the vehicle location, allowing the police to recover the vehicle quickly.

We partner with SmarTrack to offer our customers a vehicle tracking system that is Thatcham accredited and installed by approved installation centres. This service is available to business and personal leasing customers alike.

The benefits

  • Gives you enhanced vehicle security with the latest stolen vehicle tracking technology
  • Can be instrumental in helping the police recover stolen vehicles, before they are damaged
  • Having a vehicle tracker in place can potentially lower your insurance premiums
  • The tracker can be moved from car to car making this a long-term purchase

We can offer a choice of products – SmarTrack Trident Category 6 or the SmarTrack Category 5. Both products share a number of features:

Product features

  • Monitored 24 hours in-house via a secure control centre
  • Detects if the car is towed away
  • Detects if the vehicle battery is disconnected
  • Detects attempts to tamper with the tracking device
  • Full European cover
  • Full conformance and electro-magnetic compatibility testing
  • App (Android/iOS) for location and self-monitoring

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