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Getting behind the wheel of your brand-new car for the first time is an amazing feeling. And if you’re interested in protecting your car and limiting risk for the length of your contract, we have a partner who may be able to help.

We offer all of our customers access to ‘Look After My Car’, an online portal for customers of leasing companies like us, with access to products that may be of interest in reducing risk.

Look After My Car offer three types of protection which you might want to consider. When you lease a car from AMT, you have the option to take one of these for a period of three months, completely free of charge. After three months, it’s your choice whether you extend or take additional products.

Below are the headline products with a brief explanation, but our partner can help you review and understand if they are suitable for your needs.

GAP insurance

If you are unlucky enough to write off your lease car, the insurance pay-out may be less than the outstanding value you need to pay on the lease as the insurance will only cover the value of the vehicle at the time of the claim. GAP insurance is designed to cover the shortfall between the amount you paid for your car and your insurer’s settlement figure based on the value of the car at the time of the claim. You can read more about GAP insurance here.

Tyre and alloy wheel insurance

Damage to alloy wheels and tyres could bring additional costs at the end of a lease agreement. Tyre and alloy wheel insurance will cover multiple repairs during your lease period.

Smart insurance

Smart repairs can be carried out at a time and location that suits you rather than having to take your car to a body shop. Smart repair insurance covers certain scratches and dents that could otherwise lead to additional charges at the end of a lease agreement.

For more information ask your Account manager for details.

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