Car rental pricing guide

We offer a range of vehicles available to rent within different pricing bands, This guide gives you an overview of the factors that determine a vehicle's pricing band.

What is car rental pricing based on?

Car rental pricing is based on a number of factors. These include the type or size of vehicle, the mileage that the vehicle is allowed to do in any given period and the length of the hire period. Rental companies will be able to provide you with a set of business car rental rates for the fleet which they operate.

Vehicle type

Car rental companies generally split their vehicles in to categories based on size and type. The reason they do this is because it’s often difficult to guarantee a specific make of model of car unless this is written in to a contractual agreement with the customer. Vehicles that are categorised together are generally done so based on the number of people they can carry and the amount of luggage space they have. Some categories will be based on value or performance. For example, high value prestige marques like Bentley, Ferrari and Porsche will sit in a category.

Length of hire

Unsurprisingly, the longer you hire a car for the more you will pay. However, the longer the rental period the cheaper the effective daily rate is. You can generally pay for lengths of hire based on a daily rate, weekly rate or monthly rate.


Some rental companies will advertise unlimited mileage but it is always advisable to check with the company before you drive away as there is sometimes a clause about acceptable use. There may also be excess mileage charges based on a pence per mile charge. When it comes to more premium, high value vehicles there is likely to be a mileage limit based on the length of the hire. At AMT we have three mileage bands for daily, weekly and monthly hire periods so you can drive with a little more peace of mind having chosen the one that is most appropriate for how you plan to use the car.


Daily rental companies will often advertise rates with insurance included. Insurance can sometimes be as much as 50% of the cost of the rental. With business car rental it’s normally expected that the company uses their own insurance. Although there may be an administration fee charged to transfer your policy it could well be cheaper overall if you are willing to hold the risk for any damage to the vehicle while it is in your care.


All rental companies that provide insurance charge a deposit which is normally refunded when the car is returned in the same condition as it left and with the same amount of fuel. For business car rental like we provide at AMT, you provide your own insurance. Therefore, for daily hire there is no deposit because you will have opened a credit account. For long-term rental which is one to six months in length, a month’s rental is needed in advance.

Bespoke pricing

If you have a business car rental account and are a regular user, then it’s likely that you have your own set of rates. The more frequently you rent the greater your discount against the standard rate is likely to be. If you are a frequent business car rental customer it may be worth checking that you are getting the best deal you can. At AMT we hold reviews with our business car rental account customers regularly.

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