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John F Hunt

Demolition and civil engineering experts, John F Hunt needed to overhaul their fleet, to reduce costs and minimise supply issues.

How we helped:

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Vehicles operated

80 company cars

190 LCVs

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Aquisition methods

Contract hire and leasing

Short-term leasing

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Vehicle types

Premium vehicles

Specialist cars


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Business impact

10% acquisition cost saving

£50000 anticipated annual saving

Building a fleet solution

"The current fleet of vehicles is the best we've ever had, more so than at any other previous time in the business."

Ian Saville
Finance director

The glowing accolade comes from Ian Saville, the finance director at John F Hunt, a group of construction related businesses which include demolition and remediation services, and is a gauge of the flourishing commercial relationship that has developed with AMT Vehicle Solutions. John F Hunt turned to AMT and its area fleet consultant Gareth Hanvey after an internal audit of the group’s fleet management provision revealed a fragmented process in urgent need of a cohesive solution.

Ian comments: “When I first came into the business it quickly because apparent that we had a disjointed structure with different parts of the business subject to different leasing or rental hire arrangements.”


“For instance we had vehicles that were not appropriate to the level of the employee and in some instances vehicles with no maintenance agreements, with all the addition cost that incurs. The group required a more cohesive process with a provider that could pull together the different requirements in the business to provide a competitively priced yet flexible fleet solution.”

Impressed by AMT’s vehicle availability and competitive pricing structure, they were initially engaged to provide just over 50 vehicles across the John F Hunt Group with the vast majority on a leased basis.

John F Hunt work in progress

Since that initial appointment the relationship has grown, with Gareth and AMT now providing a full range of services for the John F Hunt Group including the completion of a full assessment of the company’s vehicle fleet to identify the best and most optimum leasing arrangements. 

They have also been involved in organising quick turn round vehicles for new company starters, sourcing specialist PHEV and hybrid vehicles and directly negotiating with manufacturers to return faulty vehicles for repair.

We have been really impressed by AMT's expertise, knowledge, attention to detail and excellent levels of communication. They're always on the ball and ready to respond.

Ian Saville
Finance director

Ian adds: “Before we had AMT involved we would have spent a significant amount of time, sometimes up to two days per vehicle, dealing with these various issues.

“There have been times when we required a quick response to a problem with our vehicles and AMT has been able to resolve it, with a rapid turn-around for all involved.

“The level of support and assistance AMT provide is vital. It means we don’t have to do the individual donkey work and frees up myself and others in the team to focus on areas where the business needs us.”

It’s a fantastic start to AMT’s work with John F Hunt, and the momentum is continuing as they help set up a new grading system for employee vehicles, that will be rolled out across the group.

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