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Construction software company, Trimble, approached AMT when they were looking to consolidate two company car schemes into one.

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Vehicles operated

35 company cars

0 LCVs

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Aquisition methods


Contract hire and leasing

Short-term leasing

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Business impact

70% acquisition cost saving

£10000 anticipated annual saving

Choice via a single invoice

With a requirement to consolidate two company car schemes into one, while giving employees full choice of the market, AMT was the natural choice for Trimble Solutions – and is set to save Managing Director Richard Fletcher 70 days of his valuable time over the next few years.

Trimble Solutions is a Leeds-based construction software business and part of the international Trimble positioning technology group. The company operates 35 cars for its directors, sales team and field-based technical staff.

Following an acquisition, the company found itself with two different company car schemes, each operating through different suppliers or via different acquisition methods, with different terms, mileage limits, CO2 limits and provision for maintenance. The respective schemes also differed in terms of seniority/role bandings.

Managing Director Richard Fletcher invited a major national vehicle leasing company, a large dealership group, and AMT (who had been introduced via a mutual friend) to tender for a new contract.


“The need to consolidate was clear and while the primary motivation was to appoint a single supplier with the ability to service all of our vehicle requirements via a single invoice, it was also important for us to have choice of brand, specification and acquisition method” he says. “Only AMT could tick all the boxes.”

“Both the leasing company and dealer group offered a surprisingly limited choice of marque and flexibility, and neither made any effort to understand our specific requirements. AMT on the other hand invested time to understand our business and people, as well as reviewing our existing provision to identify clear areas for improvement. Crucially, they understand that vehicle choice is as much an emotional issue as a practical one.”

“They also impressed with their access to the whole market and pragmatic attitude. For example, not being precious where we have an existing arrangement on a particular vehicle that would be better running its course. Another benefit was AMT’s flexibility. In the past, we’ve been caught out with exiting employees leaving us with a vehicle surplus to requirements but locked into a long-term contract.”


AMT has now supplied some 15 vehicles from a range of manufacturers and will provide additional vehicles as existing contracts come to an end. While most are leased, a number of medium-term rentals for new employees have also been arranged.

Richard estimates each vehicle replacement previously cost him around two days in time in terms of employee liaison, reviewing options, negotiating deals and associated paperwork. Cumulatively, that’s estimated to be an annual saving of £10,000 on top of vehicle contract savings. Ongoing administration, traditionally handled by the finance team, now also resides with AMT.

"The move has been utterly painless and the net result is a fit-for-purpose company car provision that saves the business time and money, and has attracted glowing feedback from employees – and for me, that’s the true test. After all, a happy sales guy is a profitable sales guy!"

Richard Fletcher
Managing Director
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