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How we can help

With political and environmental legislation putting more and more pressure on vehicle fleet costs, we can help you plan for a fleet which isn't exposed to risk of increased costs or loss of value and one which supports your long-term business plan. We can work with you on a one-off project basis which results in a detailed presentation which will include:

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Recommendations, by job role, for a company car or car allowance benefit.
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A car allowance payment scheme based on grade, seniority and budget per head.
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Opportunities for better terms and discounts with suppliers.
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A framework of company vehicles based on grade, seniority and budget per head.
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Acquisition method recommendations and supplier short list.
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Processes for ongoing management of vehicles to maintain cost control and keep vehicles and employees safe and legally compliant.

We also offer support during any tender and procurement processes to find new suppliers and an ongoing consultancy service to support the management of your vehicles at a frequency that suits you.

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Why use AMT?

With our consultancy service, we do not position ourselves as part of any future supply chain, so you can be assured that our service is completely objective.

What you can take advantage of, is that we are a business that acquires and manages vehicles on a daily basis and have been doing this for more than 20 years, so we know what we're talking about. We're also FCA regulated and a member of the BVRLA, so we would not recommend any acquisition methods, processes or suppliers which would leave you outside of these two protective industry bodies.

Our consultancy process

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1. Status audit

Complete vehicle and business travel audit. We analyse all your company vehicles to understand how they're used and how they've been acquired and financed. We'll also look at your car allowances and how those drivers use vehicles related to business needs.

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2. Business strategy understanding

We meet with your management team to understand your overall business strategy. Knowing whether you are planning for growth, acquisition or merger is important. As is the need for any future capital purchases such as buildings or equipment. There are a number of ways to acquire vehicles but the right way must support the overall business priorities.

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3. Employee satisfaction survey

Knowing that company vehicles are an often key part of employee attraction and retention, we'll survey your teams about vehicles and understand how they feel about them, providing you with an anonymous report as part of our overall analysis.

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4. Cost analysis

Finally, we'll analyse the current cost of your vehicles and financial commitments, in particular focussing on whole life costs and those associated with mileage claims and the time taken to manage the vehicles.

How much does it cost?

If you would like support from us we would hold an initial consultation with you which is free of charge. This usually lasts about an hour but if you're not sure, or the chemistry isn't right there's no commitment from this point to work with us.

If you decide you would like our support we'll then provide a consulting proposal which will outline the work we'll do, how many days we need, what will be included in a final presentation and of course our daily rate.


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