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The UK is obsessed with German cars. An estimated 1 in 5 German cars are sold to Britain each year. It is, therefore, no surprise that UK buyers are a staple asset in the German automotive economy. In fact, us Brits love the German machinery so much, we have countless events celebrating their various models up and down our small, crumpet-loving, island. So, in no particular order, here is a list of some local events the UK petrol-heads should definitely be looking out for.

UKs Top 10 German-car shows:

This car event premiered for the first time in 2019. Although in its infancy, this popular event has proven to be complete, well-rounded, and considerate of all age groups. Found in the scenic, medieval town of Wellingborough, Das Auto Show sees German cars race, show-n-shine, drift and perform stunts. The event is a weekend long and camping options are available, accompanied by food and drink services. Are you a German car owner? If the answer is ‘yes’, you can pay £25 a day to race for a full day. And what’s more, there is a £200 cash prize for all road-legal cars racing- this is just one of the many ways your German car can get involved.

Another encompassing event which sees both on-track and off-track entertainment, Deutsche Fest, channels German culture from every stein of beer served, to their ‘Heineken’ music stage. This Kent based car show offers ‘CDX Taxis’, allowing visitors to be chauffeured around by car-drifting experts; live German oompah bands; Go Karting arenas; and, most importantly, you’ll enjoy German car parades, races, displays, awards and much more. This event is found usually on a Saturday in July and adults can get admission for just £16 – children go free! Definitely one to look out for.

A slightly tamer event than the two previously mentioned. This strictly-Audi event does exactly what it says on the tin. BBQs welcome, this family day-out shows a display of all Audi models, big, small, expensive or humble! During their most recent event, Audi in the Park premiered two never-been-seen in the UK Audi models. The cars were shipped in, from Germany, especially for the occasion. The show is in its ninth year and claims to be the largest gathering of Audi owners in Europe. Located in Deene Park, it welcomes Audi clubs and individual car owners to win a whole host of prizes for just £15-20 for entry per person.

You’re right, this isn’t a one-off car event. Ace Café London, in fact, host a range of car events through-out the year, many of which are lovingly devoted to the German car family. What is particularly interesting about Ace Café London is its history. The venue, premiering in 1938, attracting travellers and motorists alike due to its convenient location, was completely destroyed in WW2 by an air-raid. Nonetheless, the legacy lived on and, after disappearing for ages, The Ace Café reopened in 1997 and now hosts regular car meet-up events. The events include ‘German Bike n Car Night’, ‘VW Air Cooled meet’, ‘BMW Owners Club Meet’ and ‘VAG Night’. The café offers a wonderfully English-cuisine and, as of late, has found success across the 7 ponds; opening in Finland, Luzern, Beijing, Barcelona and the US.

Once again, found in Santa Pod, GTI Festival used to be strictly for VW owners. Now, they welcome “enthusiasts of all VAG marques”. On this day, you can expect to see drag-racing, ¼ mile sprints, show-n-shines and Girlz-N-Dubs – a new feature which encourages female car enthusiasts to get involved more. At this festival, racing is free and it’s a great day to liaise with car-traders, other petrol-heads and get yourself stuck in at the Autojumble. Bring your whole family to Santa Pod this October with club-prizes, car-model prizes and many, many, more to be won for just £15 admission for adults.

One for the Merc drivers, Benz on the Green is a truly charming event. If you’re looking for drag racing, stunts and drift, then this isn’t the event for you. Elegant, yet quirky, this event starts off with a workshop. You’ll receive one-off special offers on car services, such as air-con and diagnostic checks. Once the pampering is complete, the Mercedes owners attending will form a convoy, ready to depart upon the beautiful countryside of Hampshire and West Sussex. Alas, the convoy re-congregate at a large, ye-English pub. Behind the pub, you’ll find a large field full of your convoy-chums. What’s more, this Benz show offers a charity raffle and auction, apparently raising over £10,000 for charities in previous years.

A strictly VW-lover event, full of family activities, plonked at the very end of August each year. This event shows 43 years of drag-racing, speed-racing, drifting, shown-n-shine and even a kids show-n-shine! A family camping weekend which doesn’t restrict itself to car entertainment, you’ll enjoy stage performances on the evening, fancy dress themes and just a whole lot of prizes to be won. This event focuses on you and your family’s experience just as much as the cars themselves. A little bit pricier than the latter, but worth every penny, you can get a weekend ticket with camping included for £45 per person (under 16s go free). 

The clue is in the name. This event invites German-car fanatics from across the UK to celebrate all varieties of finely tuned automotive German machinery. Part one in June and Part two in September, expect show rooms, track trophies, club stands, on site car wash, drag-racing and much more. The track is open for the general public to race and drift on, all day long, for a small fee. Due to the width of the German car family, car trophies are to be won by model and make, making the competitions fair and organised. What’s more, the event is located on the East wing of southern Scotland, in the beautiful fishing village of Crail. This event is not just a great day out, but a lovely weekend get-away.

Running for almost half a decade, Vanity BMW host an annual Beemer-orientated day out for all the family to enjoy. This event is in the scenic countryside of Beaulieu, pronounced ‘Bew-lee’, and is found on the most Southern tip of England. The events are hosted at the resident National Motor Museum, meaning that, during your visit, there is plenty more external activities to see and do after you’ve had a nosey at all the BMWs. There is a broad selection of kid-friendly activities, too, such as tours, museums, radio-controlled mini car races, cafes and more. The Vanity BMW event has show-n-shines, auto jumbles and you can get yourself an adult ticket for just £14, whilst show-n-shiners can admit their car for just £20.

A September event, the German Coffee and Classics celebrates – you’ve guessed it – the classics of the German car tribe. This prestigious, yet short event, lasting for a total of 3 hours, is a chance for like-minded classic-car fanatics to get together and enjoy a chinwag over some speciality German-brewed coffee. The show boasts a classics show room, a classics shop and German music. All of this and more is brought to you especially by The Classic Motor Hub. The Classic Motor Hub is an award-winning show room which hosts events and occasions throughout the year. At the resident shop you can find personalised number plates, artwork, jewellery, accessories and merchandise. If you’re looking for a spot of lunch time car-indulgents, then this event really does take the biscuit.

Some extra events which are worth the trip too!

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